How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Survival and prepping are often thought of as gloomy subject matter. Well it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially if you love fantasy films and books and think zombies, yes zombies are a worthy enemy. When prepping your bug out bag or stocking up on your emergency long term food supply think about your survival strategy in terms of how to survive a zombie apocalypse to make things a little more “fun”
how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Read more>>

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse – Part 2

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse part 2

If you are anticipating the collapse of civilization then you should definitely think about how to survive a zombie apocalypse because you really never know what the end of the world will look like and you have to be ready for anything. Read more>>


Survival Gear Checklist Part 2

Survival is all about preparation, although it is really important to have an up to date survival gear checklist you must also prepare mentally and physically to be able to survive any emergency situation. Or at least to be able to seek help when such a situation occurs. read more>>

Most Essential Survival Gear Checklist

Unless you live under a rock you must have heard of all sorts of people from all walks of life preparing for some sort of event, catastrophe or even an astronomical natural disaster like an earthquake. No matter who you are you should definitely have a survival gear checklist prepared and handy so that when something does happen you are prepared and ready to face the uncertain future. read more>>


7 Urban Survival Skills You Must Master

With recent meteor strikes, Hurricanes and earthquakes all around the world we must learn how to protect ourselves and most importantly survive with very little means in very different circumstances. This is why we came up with the 7 urban survival skills you must master to stay alive. Read more>>


Survival in the City: Urban Survival Kit Guide

Although we feel safest when we are at home we should really also worry about our personal safety and being ready for anything anywhere we go. Enter – the urban survival kit. This new gadget is becoming more and more popular as our cities are becoming more populated.


The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit have put together the ultimate urban survival kit, acording to their presentation: There are a lot of guides for kits to help you survive miles from anywhere–but how often do you end up miles from anywhere? What about the everyday, the mundane, situations where you constantly find yourself saying, if only I had & and even though it’s always the same thing, you’ve never got it? You need an urban survival kit. Full of the things you need wherever you go. A pencil. Scissors. Tape. This is a survival kit for wherever you are. You’ll be better off for having it in virtually any situation; Sub-Saharan Africa or the subway station, The Rockies or the rock show, The Outback or just out back.

Urban Survival Kit Guide














24 Items You Need to Survive
The  24 Piece Urban Survival Kit from contains the following items:
Rothco Deluxe Waterproof Nylon Day Packs – Black
Datrex food bar 2400 calorie
3-Pack Aqua Blox Water
5 Rothco White Neon Glow Light sticks
Enforcer Mini 17.6oz Fire Extinguisher
Wind Up Radio / Flashlight / Siren
Nightstar RS Shake Flashlight. Clear
Coghlan’s First Aid Kit – Pack III
Rothco Polarshield Sleeping Bag Style Survival Blanket
Emergency Rain Poncho – Clear
Coghlan’s 11-Function Army Knife
4 in 1 Emergency Tool
Coghlan’s Wilderness Signal Whistle
60 yard roll Olive Drab Tape
Bath Wet Wipes. No rinse wipes
Survival Kit in a Sardine Can
Coghlan’s Chow Kit
Rothco G.I. Style Aluminum Canteen Cup
Coghlan’s Waterproof, Survival / Emergency Matches
Olive Drab Green Paracord – 50 Feet
Coghlan’s Sewing Kit
Coghlan’s Emergency Candles
Cow Hide Working Gloves
Coghlan’s Tube Tent
Here’s the rest of their very informative post.

Remember the urban survival kit is different from your typical home survival kit or even car survival kit, it must be compact and light to be able to travel with you anywhere you go.

Do’s and Don’t For Build homemade solar oven

If you are planning to build a homemade solar oven get ready to fail! Remember everyone must fail at least once to be able to call something a success later.

Homemade Solar Oven FAIL
As writer Moon Choe wrote: If this fifth grade class can successfully make a homemade solar oven, there’s absolutely no reason why I, as a fully functioning, 26-year-old adult, can’t successfully make one, too!

Build homemade solar oven











Step by Step Homemade Solar Oven
According to Here’s how you can make your own $1 homemade solar oven:

  1. Draw the curved pattern shown below onto a 28-by-44 inch piece of poster board (or two 22-by-26 inch pieces of board joined together) … then cut along the curved lines.
  2. Glue or paste aluminum foil to one side of the poster board.
  3. Bend the foil-covered poster board back on itself (foil to the inside) to form a cone. (Important Note: Your cone — if properly constructed — will NOT be symmetrical. This is as it should be.) Be sure — before taping the poster board’s edges together — that your tin can (see “Bill of Materials” in the Image Gallery) fits snugly in the small end of the cone.
  4. Using metal shears, cut the tin can so that it is two inches tall and has “ears” as shown in the drawing … then paint the can flat black inside and out, and nail it to a 1-by-3-by-8 inch piece of wood.
  5. Place the poster-board cone over the tin can, fit a clear glass bowl or lid over the flat black “cooking compartment” … and you’ve got a made-it-yourself solar oven! Read the rest here

Endless Guides to Build A Homemade Solar Oven
The Solar Cookers World Network is an amazing organization. They offer a whole range of guides for building very different kinds of homemade solar ovens. This is what they write There is a wide variety of solar cooker designs, many of them very simple to build from inexpensive, easy-to-obtain materials. Some can be built in as little as an hour for less than US$5. Start by choosing a cooker design type based on your requirements. The table below lists strengths and weaknesses of the most common types, and shows some popular cookers of each type. Below each table are all cooker plans of that cooker type. Click here to check out their guides.

Even if you fail the first three times you build your own homemade solar oven, don’t give up! If it wasn’t for failing we would never be where we are today :)

A Home survival kit with a Sense of Humor

Personal protection is no laughing matter. More people that have a home survival kit ready or are planning to create one are very serious when it comes to protecting their family and being ready for any disaster that might come our way. However when you are already in a state of emergency you cannot maintain a serious face all the time and need to be able to maintain a sense of normality for yourself and those around you.
A Home Survival KHome survival kitit: Stay Alive and Do it with Pizzazz
To help you prepare put together a list of a few must-have items to keep in your hurricane/earthquake/zombie apocalypse survival kit. Stay alive and do it with pizzazz. Here’s a sample from their list:
Wine. Specifically white wine, for two reasons. 1. When you’re sitting in a powerless house without AC, the last thing you will want to drink is an earthy merlot. 2. White wine needs to be refrigerated. This means that when the fridge loses power you have the perfect excuse to immediately drink all your wine. It’s the ice cream philosophy of losing power. It’s less a choice than an obligation to drink it all before it goes bad. Click here for the entire list
On a more serious note from Gundigest there are a few essential items when it comes to putting together a home survival kit that you shouldn’t overlook: The time it took to read that sentence is how long you’ll have to think when disaster hits. If you have a survival kit already prepared, you’re doing better than most people.
However, there are five essential items that won’t be in that home survival kit because you use them every day. Don’t forget them.

Take the preparation of your survival plan and definitely your home survival kit seriously, but do it with time in mind, maintaining a good mood is essential to maintain a stable environment in an emergency situation.

Best Emergency Food Strategy

Emergency food is nothing to be toying around with. You should have a supply of ready emergency food available in the car and at work just like you would have a first aid kit available everywhere you can think possible. Here are a few ideas to help you pack the best emergency food supplies out there.

Best Emergency Food Is Part of A Food Strategy

As preach: A solid emergency preparedness plan relies on having a sensible food strategy. Our food chain supply is incredibly fragile and should a disaster hit, you will need to have an alternative method for feeding your family.
They also give some tips on storing the best emergency food you decided on, as part of your strategy.

Be sure to:

  • Have 6 month to a year’s supply of meals for each member of the family.
  • Store food in a dry, safe place.
  • If possible, store batches of food in several different locations in case one area gets compromised / flooded / contaminated.

The Emergency Food Pyramid

This is a great tool that we found for deciding which food is the best emergency food for you. The pyramid concept is from and here’s a little bit about it from their site:: This pyramid will keep you from spending time and money on preps that, while they may be useful overall, are pointless to you right now. How much of a 50 pound bag of flour or rice will you use in a 3 day long power outage? Prepping in complete, logical steps is the smart way to go.

Having a pantry packed with what you think is the best emergency food out there might not be as smart as you think. You have to work on a wholesome strategy and have your emergency food list as part of that strategy

Get A Car Survival Kit Ready in 3 Easy Steps

By now it must be obvious to you that a crisis can occur anytime. It might happen when you are at work, or when you’re away on vacation with your family. But because most people who live in cities spend so much time commuting to and from work it’s important to have a car survival kit available in your car just like you should have one at home.

3 Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Car Survival Kit
Follow these steps to help you get your car survival kit ready hassle free. You can also follow these steps to create other kits for your office and home, it might require some more research though.

Step 1: Create and Follow a List (Here’s a list for your car survival kit that you can work with right now from )

1.) Jumper cables (aka booster cables)
2.) Multi-Tool (one of those pliers that have tons of tools in the handle)
3.) Map (local area or area you’ll be traveling)
4.) First-aid kit
5.) Flashlight
6.) Rag
7.) Duct tape (because you can fix a lot of things with Duct tape)
8.) Rain coat (the folded $1 type)
9.) Emergency blanket (the folded $1 type)
10.) Folding shovel (entrenching tool)
11.) Fuses for fuse box
12.) Water bottles
13.) Protein bars or M.R.E. (meal-ready-to-eat)
14.) Reflective tape or reflective triangles (flares are hard to find)
15.) Old Cell phone, fully charged. Call customer service via the phone to make sure it works. Do not make test calls to 911 (Service is not needed to make 911 calls). Most modern cell phones and cell networks can triangulate your position, this is very handy in an emergency.
16.) Lighter or water proof matches, or flint rod.
17.) Compass
18.) 550 cord (named after its tensile strength) or para cord. Google the number of uses for this stuff, you’ll be amazed.

Car Survival Kit









Step 2: Develop a Plan
The circumstances you are in will determine what plan you should be working with. Here’s a sample plan from for getting stuck in a blizzard in your car: If it’s really cold, then consider starting the car every half hour or so, and running the heat for 5 or 10 minutes. During that time, use the radio to check for weather forecasts of the storm passing (or worsening). I wouldn’t recommend using the radio much when the car isn’t running. It would be a shame to kill your battery and not be able to start the car again!

Step 3: This is a really simple step and can be summarized in one sentence. Stick to your plan! When panic hits, the last thing you want to do is start changing your mind about your survival strategy.

Of course a car survival kit should be maintained and checked periodically to make sure all the supplies are in working order, do that and you will see how many times your car survival kit comes in handy outside of extreme emergency conditions and makes your life, well a little more comfortable.

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