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How do you find the best emergency preparedness checklist out here?

Follow these three lists and create your own ultimate emergency preparedness checklist.

MorePrepared, who offer emergency kits of all shapes and forms, recommend: that you keep a 3 to 7 day supply of Water and Food for each person. Flashlights and radios should not require batteries. Choose a manual crank or pump style instead. Dead batteries will not work when you really need them! They have a really easy to read emergency preparedness checklist that you can download, print out and follow with the entire family. Download it here.

Cleveland Country did a lot of research and work to prepare their citizens for unforeseen events and disasters. Actually they have a checklist that includes:

  • Creating an Emergency Plan
  • Preparing a Disaster Supplies Kit
  • Getting Tools and Supplies Ready

and even

  • A list of Important Family Documents

to prepare in case of an emergency.


Here is their full emergency preparedness checklist. which according to their site “is an accumulation of recommendations from FEMA, the American Red Cross, and other agencies around the world. While this list can be used for any thing, it is a general preparedness for any type of man-made or natural disaster.”


Finally 1800Prepare strongly advise: Your planning should see your family through a minimum of 14 days of survival. Fourteen days will statistically sustain you through 96% of known disaster emergency situations. Seven days will only get you through 50% of them. Consider more than 14 days of survival for locally-known situations where your area can be physically cut off from resupply for very long duration. Here is the emergency preparedness checklist they suggest you follow to be ready for survival in case of an event.


As you can see it is not as complicated as it seems to put together the ultimate emergency preparedness checklist, all you need is persistence, attention to detail and the understanding that everything depends on preparation. Your ability to prepare for an event now will determine how well you survive when an actual situation occurs.