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Do you have an emergency response plan? If you don’t it is a good idea to create an the emergency response plan template based on templates that are being used by universities, organizations and individuals.

What is an Emergency Response Plan?

UCSF put it best: “the Emergency Response Plan provides the management structure, key responsibilities, emergency assignments and general procedures to follow during an emergency. The Emergency Response Plan outlines the immediate actions and operations required for a major disaster or emergency in which normal operations are interrupted and special measures must be taken.”


An Emergency Response Plan Template: Which One Is Right for You?

There are many different ways to put together an emergency response plan, however having a template that you can follow makes things much simpler.


There are a few different templates out there but the main components of any emergency response plan template are:

  • Evacuation and transportation plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Roles to fill for each member of the family, company or community you are developing the plan for


The most important aspect of the emergency response plan template however is having a personal emergency plan. UChicago has prepared a personal emergency response plan template that students and everyone else can print out and fill out. They write: All members of the University community are encouraged to create a personal emergency response plan to guide the communication and actions between them and their loved ones during a disaster. Having such a plan can lessen the feelings of anxiety that may accompany such situations. 


Another great example of a template comes from Brigham Young U:

They encourage their students to:

  • Keep at least one week’s worth of groceries on hand at all times, along with food for emergencies (granola bars, etc.).
  • Keep at least a three-day supply of emergency water (one gallon per person per day).

They have a very to the point emergency response plan template that you are welcome to use and adjust for your own needs.


As it turns out to make your own ultimate emergency response plan template you have to follow the lead of USA’s best Universities. It actually makes a lot of sense since they have a huge responsibility to students, parents and educators to take care of their safety (in a perfect reality of course). Therefore educating their staff and students and providing emergency response planning is taken so seriously by them and can be used by anyone to create their own ultimate emergency response plan template.